Thursday, 25 September 2008


Haven't blogged in a while, sorry!
Ugh, Wolfy has done something to my computer and now my internet screen is weird.
basically, when i click on an internet, the screen comes up, but it fills my entire screen, so I can't see the URL thingy, or the stuff at the bottom, or the cross in the corner or whatever. Really annoying!
Anyone know how to fix it?

And I've broken my little finger.
Annoying, seriously.
It's strapped to the one next to it, and since it's on my right hand it makes it hard to write. I figured this was a great time to figure out how to become multi-dextrous or however you spell it (when you can write with both hands) but it takes ages to write with my left hand. And it's stupidly messy. So I scrawl with my right hand.

So uh....
That's all I can think of for now.

Oh yeah!
me and my friend Hannah have decided
We are going to have a llampacka farm (llama crossed with an alpacka)
And mine is going to be called Davy Jones
And hers is Johnny Depp
And we're going to have a budgie called Jack (Jack Budgie.. get it? Jack Sparrow...?)
And two cats
Called Phineas and Ferb xD

Monday, 22 September 2008

Random CrapoLA

Nothing interesting happens, seriously.

Charli went to Uni.
I went to a pants festival
(Which doesn't mean it was a festival about pants, it means it was generally rubbish)
I... chatted to friends on msn :D

Oooop yeah.
My little brother (hereby known as Monster) has decided that we are descended from dinosaurs. We were having a discussion about evolution, and beliefs and whatnot, and he wasn't sure what he believed. I think we decided he was an agnostic. Aka, not sure whether he believes in God or not. I said that whatever he wanted to believe, could be true for him. So he decided we evolved from dinosaurs.
Fair enough eh?

Hehe I'm going to America in Febuary :D
Sooo excited.
NOT just because I might be seeing my 'Young Man' again.
He probably won't want to see me anyway.
I'm looking forward to the snow
Will be ace :D

Today was a pretty boring day at school
Nothing interesting happened
Or, nothing that I want to post on the internet.
It rained a lot
My socks got wet.

Friday, 19 September 2008


Hehe from now on, I am going to pretend I am 1/3 Irish, 1/3 English and 1/3 Welsh.

Because, my Daddy's ancestors are from England, and I live there anyway lol.
And my Mummy's ancestors (waaaay back lol) are from Ireland
And we have a teensy bit of family in Wales

And it's more interesting than being just English!


Well... nothing much happened today...
I am starting to enjoy Animations, I think I'm getting better at it. At the moment, we are making a lighthouse, our first graded piece. Mine will be the best of course. I will see if I can post it on here somehow when I am finished.

After school I was supposed to go to my friend's house to watch a film, Camp Rock, which is premiering in the UK tonight. I'd already seen it in America (making my friend very jealous lol) but I was going to watch it with her anyway. But then when I found out it was LMS's (my sister's) last day here afore she goes to Uni, I stayed home.

Tomorrow I am hopefully getting some new guitar strings for my steel string acoustic guitar xDDD my favourite one. I don't play electric guitar unfortunatly, I play classical or acoustic. I usually say acoustic, coz it sounds cooler. Classical makes me sound boring! Although I do play a lot of classical pieces, coz they sound sooo cool, when played fast. That's what I'm working on. I practice a couple of times a day, but only for like... 5 minutes or something. I play my favourite piece through a couple of times, and then do something else. I read notes, but sometimes download simple tab sheets off the internet.

That's enough of my ramblings for today, so...
Bye :D

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Today's stuffies xD

Well, I didn't blog yesterday as you can tell.
I can't remember why, I just reckon I didn't get round to it.
I haven't been up to much anyway, just school. Had double law yesterday, strangely it's one of my favourite lessons :D Along with English (When we're not doing speaking and listening/drama stuff) and Physics.

I'm guessing you don't want to know mine and my friends' random ramblings that we get up to at lunch, but I will tell you our new names :D
Ok, these names make sense to us by the way :P
Abbey (Me) = Bo
Amelia = Mo
Jessie = Jo
Hannah = Bo
Nat = Crap (I don't know why for this one actually)
Catherine = Cathreenee
Annie = Bubbles
Alice = Allah

And methinks that's it.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Yay xD

Well, my mummy says I am allowed pictures, so I decided to try and put a few pictures of me and my best friends on here xD

The one below is me and my best friend Hannah :D We have been friends since nursery, and are as close as ever. My mum doesn't like her, for reasons I'm not going to go into! But they are understandable. All I can say is, people change! She is hilarious, and I love her to bits. The tiniest person in the world though. Seriously, I don't actually think she's even 5ft yet. Bless her heart.

This is me and Jack, another of my bestest friends. I love him loads :D He is really special to me (: We have been best friends for about a year, and he always has been able to make me laugh xD As you can tell, he is a bit gay. He denies it, but I know the truuuuth. We went out for about 6 months, but we are closer than ever now, as best friends :D Although recently (as in, the past week) we haven't talked that much, but I'm always optimistic :D

As you can tell, I am the one with black hair. NoodleCake is my name. Well, not literally. My mum's not that cruel lol xD
These aren't all of my friends obv, but the only ones I have pictures of me and them (:

Wolfy is one amazing cat! Read on...


Sorry, it's just cool.
My cat (Wolfy) is one cool cat.
She can play the guitar (;
No seriously.
My guitar was out, and she was sat on it and started plucking the strings xD

And Figaro is currently attacking a plastic bag.

What a weirdo.
Takes after her mother/owner person. =P

Ahhh... My first blog post xD


My first blog.
I have finally joined the likes of my mother and sister.
I don't know if I'm going to remember to keep writing this blog
But I will try :D

So, to start off I thought I would put in some random facts about myself.

Ok. here goes, random fact number one -
  • I can't sleep without socks on (weird, isn't it!)
  • I hate sitting next to strangers (they might talk to me or something!)
  • Contrary to common belief, I'm actually quite clever :P
  • And also contrary to common belief, I am actually quite good at sports!

That's all i can think of for now xD