Monday, 22 September 2008

Random CrapoLA

Nothing interesting happens, seriously.

Charli went to Uni.
I went to a pants festival
(Which doesn't mean it was a festival about pants, it means it was generally rubbish)
I... chatted to friends on msn :D

Oooop yeah.
My little brother (hereby known as Monster) has decided that we are descended from dinosaurs. We were having a discussion about evolution, and beliefs and whatnot, and he wasn't sure what he believed. I think we decided he was an agnostic. Aka, not sure whether he believes in God or not. I said that whatever he wanted to believe, could be true for him. So he decided we evolved from dinosaurs.
Fair enough eh?

Hehe I'm going to America in Febuary :D
Sooo excited.
NOT just because I might be seeing my 'Young Man' again.
He probably won't want to see me anyway.
I'm looking forward to the snow
Will be ace :D

Today was a pretty boring day at school
Nothing interesting happened
Or, nothing that I want to post on the internet.
It rained a lot
My socks got wet.

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Anonymous said...

eewwwww wet socks!!! Worst bit about being in school lol

Auntie S