Thursday, 25 September 2008


Haven't blogged in a while, sorry!
Ugh, Wolfy has done something to my computer and now my internet screen is weird.
basically, when i click on an internet, the screen comes up, but it fills my entire screen, so I can't see the URL thingy, or the stuff at the bottom, or the cross in the corner or whatever. Really annoying!
Anyone know how to fix it?

And I've broken my little finger.
Annoying, seriously.
It's strapped to the one next to it, and since it's on my right hand it makes it hard to write. I figured this was a great time to figure out how to become multi-dextrous or however you spell it (when you can write with both hands) but it takes ages to write with my left hand. And it's stupidly messy. So I scrawl with my right hand.

So uh....
That's all I can think of for now.

Oh yeah!
me and my friend Hannah have decided
We are going to have a llampacka farm (llama crossed with an alpacka)
And mine is going to be called Davy Jones
And hers is Johnny Depp
And we're going to have a budgie called Jack (Jack Budgie.. get it? Jack Sparrow...?)
And two cats
Called Phineas and Ferb xD


Janet said...

Hope you manage to fix your internet, you could always try getting Wolfie to fix it for you??
And your and Hannah are very very strange!!!
Lots of love

Janet said...

PS its AMBIdextrous!!