Thursday, 18 September 2008

Today's stuffies xD

Well, I didn't blog yesterday as you can tell.
I can't remember why, I just reckon I didn't get round to it.
I haven't been up to much anyway, just school. Had double law yesterday, strangely it's one of my favourite lessons :D Along with English (When we're not doing speaking and listening/drama stuff) and Physics.

I'm guessing you don't want to know mine and my friends' random ramblings that we get up to at lunch, but I will tell you our new names :D
Ok, these names make sense to us by the way :P
Abbey (Me) = Bo
Amelia = Mo
Jessie = Jo
Hannah = Bo
Nat = Crap (I don't know why for this one actually)
Catherine = Cathreenee
Annie = Bubbles
Alice = Allah

And methinks that's it.


Fraulein said...

But you and Hannah have the same names :O that's weird (well but we all know you are :D)

Janet said...

I think you are all very strange, but I have told you all that lol.
Lots of love